My name is Ohad Lustgarten and I am a graduate  from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design ,Israel- with a B.A in Industrial Design. Im currently a resident in Stockholm, Sweden were i work as a freelance product and concept designer I have a Bachelor of art degree in Industrial Design from Shenkar College of Design While at Shenkar, I received the Outstanding Student Award in my department, in my 3rd year of studies. My skills include:

  • fluency in SolidWorks 3D and rendering like Keyshot and others
  • manufacturing experience
  • great people skills
  • Im self-motivated and able to work independently

I have been living and breathing design since I was a teenager, having worked as a product and event-related designer for several years before being accepted to studies at Shenkar. My portfolio from Shenkar, as you can see online , referenced below, includes consumer products, components, and structural designs. My final project, a nature-inspired structure for outdoor consumer use, was praised both by my industrial design department, and by Shenkar’s architecture faculty. I’m excellent at Solidworks, rhino and 3dmax and I’m also very good in modeling and doing mockups. One of my interests is to come up with new ways to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the materials and processes used to make consumer and industrial products. Sustainability and ‘green design’ are topics that that I work strongly for and that I wish to develop in future products. I see myself as an innovator and im always thinking about ways to improve designs and my mind is always working on new greater solutions, Innovation and smart ideas Patent development, modeling and prototype design Dealing with customers, and presentation development process Providing mechanical and technical solutions resulting from the project requirements Hire us if you have a product that needs to be further developed or have an idea that is in need of product development. We can help with the design and can rapidly develop a model of the product for you resulting in thoughtful, functional, stylish and well-designed products.


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