“The public is willing to accept new forms for machines performing new functions,but when century-old objects like a spoon or a chair etc. are involved ,its not easy to make new aspects accepted. If men fear novelty.Lets ive them something even more novel”

Giulio Casteli


I agree

To Wood or Not to Wood

Is it possible that wood is the material that will hold me back or that will push my project forward to become the shape that i want it to be? Thats the question. Is this wooden doll going to the the decision maker for my final project and is he going to give life to it or am i doomed to be indecisive and wait for someone else to tell me what to do ..

במהלך פיתוח פרוייקט גמר הקנה מידה שלי הוא מודל מעץ. האם אני צריך להשתמש בעץ למודלים ????